Underwater Photography Workshop

Do you want to start taking photos underwater?  Have you already started and want to improve your underwater photographer skills?

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First we'll talk about some principles

  • Exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
  • Metering
  • Dynamic range
  • White balance and color temperature
  • Focus

Then we'll talk about shooting

  • Exposure modes (P/Av/Tv/M)
  • Strobe modes (TTL, manual)
  • Focus modes (auto, continuous, manual)
  • Exposure compensation

Next, we'll cover the equipment

  • Cameras and Lenses
  • Housings and Ports
  • Wet lenses and Filters
  • Tray systems and arms
  • Strobes, Focus lights, and Video lights
  • Maintenance and care

And discuss specific underwater considerations

  • The loss of light and color
  • Proper buoyancy
  • Fin techniques
  • Dive conditions (current, surge, waves, visibility)

Finally, we'll put it all together

  • Entering and exiting the water with your rig
  • Strobe positioning
  • Shooting techniques
  • Composition

And if you're up for it, we'll even cover workflows

  • Post processing
  • Organizing and archiving images
  • Backing up

This classroom workshop is 3 hours long and is intended for the beginner to intermediate photographer.  The goal is to provide an understanding of the technical aspects of shooting underwater so that camera settings become second nature and more time can be spent focusing on the fun and creative aspects of your photography.

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* Private classroom and ocean workshops are also available.  Please contact me directly for details and availability.